13 November, 2014 | Northwestern Mutual Real Estate Investments, LLC | On a personal note…


Upon receiving a hard cover photo album of the Courtney at Bay Pines professional photos, John R. Jacobs of Northwest Mutual Real Estate Investments, LLC wrote us the following reply:

Mark, Steve & John – you blew me away! 

Thanks for the photo album of The Courtney at Bay Pines.  The project is simply wonderful.  We are so proud of it. 

I like it, we like it and the market appears to love it as well. There were some tough times there during the heart of construction.  ContraVest delivered. 

My Monet picture of the pond has moved aside with this beautiful album now prominently in its place. 

Thanks Guys – really special stuff – I love it!

Enjoy a slide show of the same images presented to Northwestern Mutual’s John Jacobs, Henry Lang, and Dan Knurth, who financed The Courtney at Bay Pines