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Property Management & Construction


ContraVest Management Company

The Addison on Millenia | Orlando, FL | 292 Units


To maximize the economic value of our clients’ apartment portfolio… through excellence in leasing, rent collections, property administration and increasing NOI.


MARKETING Community Directors and Regional Directors are required to spend significant time marketing their properties. In support of that effort, ContraVest develops a site-specific marketing plan for every property, which is continuously evaluated for effectiveness. All such plans focus on the “Three P’s” of successful marketing: Price, Product and People.

ACCOUNTING & FINANCIAL REPORTING These services provide financial controls and produce monthly financial statements. A specially assigned Property Accountant works with on-site personnel on a day-to-day basis, processes all invoices, handles bank reconciliation and assists owners with any other accounting needs.

PROPERTY BUDGETING An annual financial management plan and budget is compiled based on years of property operations experience and in-depth competitive market research.

MAINTENANCE SYSTEMS Every property has a self-contained maintenance operation. Maintenance is available 24 hours a day, and work orders are to be completed within 24 hours. Maintenance personnel are EPA-certified and also Certified Pool Operators.

RENT COLLECTIONS ContraVest pursues an aggressive rent collection policy on the straightforward standard of 100% collection. Late fees are charged until all rent and charges are paid in full.

STAFF ADMINISTRATION & PAYROLL All ContraVest employees are enrolled with PayCom, an employee leasing company. PayCom coordinates with our Human Resources Director and handles such employee-related tasks as payroll, benefits, new hire packets, legal advice, safety and termination. PayCom’ enormous client volume enables ContraVest personnel to enjoy excellent benefits at nationally competitive rates.

The combined impact of all these management systems, when properly integrated into property operations, has always proven to boost profitability and enhance owners’ return-on-investment.

TECHNOLOGY Our web-based accounting system and site-level operations allow corporate to monitor, analyze and enforce practices and policies at all properties in the portfolio. Meanwhile, at the sites, our systems automate the entire process of leasing and renting apartments and managing residents and facilities.  Our systems allow for flexible, accurate reporting and timely data distribution.

ContraVest’s alliance with Entrata and RealPage provides integrated marketing, online leasing, lead management and rent optimization tools, as well as standard site management software.