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A general contractor’s (GC) success depends upon selecting reliable and highly qualified subcontractor partners. For this reason, ContraVest has established this page to pre-qualify subcontractors.

How the Pre-Qualification Process Works

Becoming a pre-qualified subcontractor is easy. Just complete the Online Prequalification Form. Any questions can be directed to our Chief Estimator, David Cruse, at

Please note financial statements are required if you want to be prequalified for more than $250,000. The actual financial statements you provided to ContraVest are kept confidential and are not open to any other party unless ContraVest receives written permission from an officer of your company.

The Advantages of being Pre-Qualified

Being pre-qualified to bid on projects has multiple advantages. First, you are placed on a list of available subcontractors for your specialty work to be considered when the general contractor is putting together a bid.

Second, you know that the other subcontractors working with you on a project are qualified to perform their specialty and have adequate financial resources to complete their work.

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