Did you know?  It’s a great day to build apartments!

7 July, 2024 | ContraVest: 38 Years Strong

On July 7, 1986, an exciting journey began. As we celebrate Founder’s Day, we honor the visionaries who laid the foundation for ContraVest, recognizing their unwavering commitment and the collective efforts of countless partners and employees.

 With determination and foresight, John McClintock and Gerry Ogier embarked on a mission to build multifamily units that would stand the test of time. Fast forward to today, and the numbers speak volumes. Over 27,000 multifamily units—each a testament to quality, craftsmanship, and thoughtful design—have been successfully completed. These homes have sheltered tens of thousands of families, providing comfort, security, and a sense of belonging.

But it doesn’t end there. The construction value of these assets exceeds $2.1 billion—an impressive figure in its own right. Yet, when we consider their current asset value, the impact becomes even more profound. These properties, combined, are now valued easily at over $5 billion—an investment that has enriched lives and communities alike.

ContraVest’s team members, past and present, worked tirelessly to create outstanding and outsized risk-adjusted returns. These returns haven’t just benefited our investors; they’ve strengthened the financial fabric of some of the world’s largest institutions. It’s a win-win equation: sound investments fueling job creation, economic growth, and  positive social impact.

A Shared Vision

As the current leader of this remarkable company, I am humbled by the dedication of our professionals. Together, we uphold a great mission and vision—one that transcends balance sheets and spreadsheets. We build homes, yes, but we also build futures. We create spaces where memories are made, and where communities thrive.

So, on this Founder’s Day, let us raise our virtual glasses to John McClintock, Gerry Ogier, and all those who have contributed to ContraVest’s legacy. May our commitment endure, our partnerships flourish, and our impact continue to resonate for generations to come. These generations will know, “Its’ a great day to build apartments!”. 

Thank you for being part of this incredible journey.

~ Steven D. Ogier, CEO, Principal